Energy Efficiency



COOLTEC's remote air-cooled REFRIG-O-PAK system utilizes safe CFCs for food service applications, costs less to buy and to install, yet at the same time can save up to 20% per month on energy usage. REFRIG-O-PAK systems are easier to install, easier to service, and much less expensive to operate.

The REFRIG-O-PAK is designed primarily for institutional food-service operations including casinos, hospitals, hotels, schools & universities, restaurants, coffee houses, and convenience stores.

The COOLTEC remote air-cooled REFRIG-O-PAK refrigeration system utilizes safe CFCs and offers tremendous operating efficiency by using multi-circuited condensers for 2 to 20 compressors and ice machines. Compressor ventilation has become increasingly important due to regulations affecting the use of R-22 refrigerant, which has a higher discharge temperature.




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